Oest Services

Customized fluid management in a modular system

Oest Services comprise a versatile range of services that you as a customer can put together according to your individual needs using a modular principle. Starting with TRGS measurements and laboratory analysis through to the all-round carefree package offered by our Customized Fluid Management.

  • Customized solutions
  • Optimized processes 
  • Maximum performance
  • Reduced costs

Our Services

Process analysis

At the beginning of a collaboration, the process analysis is the basis for individual recommendations for measures from our specialists. The aim is to design processes efficiently and exploit the potential for cost reductions. These aspects are also a permanent focus in the context of a long-term collaboration through proactive recommendations from our application technology.

  • Determination of the current status
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Non-binding concept of measures

Cooling lubricant monitoring is an important success factor. Together with the customer, we determine which tasks we should take on - from partial tasks to relieve employees to a full service. In addition to personal on-site support, technical innovations such as our My Fluid app or the LiquidMate® system are available to increase efficiency through digitalization and automation.

  • Regular monitoring of all parameters
  • Documentation and evaluation 
  • Initiation of control measures
My Fluid App

With the Oest My Fluid app, all measured values in accordance with TRGS 611 can be documented digitally for each individual machine quickly, easily and free of charge. Thanks to integrated task management, the user always has an overview of measures that are due and control over consumption, costs and the maintenance and servicing status at all times. The PRO version offers additional features such as graphical evaluations, a dashboard, uploads, limit value setup and notifications and much more.

  • Digital measured value documentation
  • Consumption control
  • Status overview for each individual machine

My Fluid App


With LiquidMate®, Oest offers a sophisticated system for automatic cooling lubricant monitoring with fully automatic refilling, which can reduce consumption, workload and costs. The heart of the system is a central tank that ensures the reliable supply of up to 45 machines. High-precision "best of class" sensors continuously measure the fill level and lubricoolant data, triggering fully automatic refilling and regulating the exact concentration.

  • Constant coolant lubricant level
  • Fully automatic refilling
  • No concentration fluctuations
Maintenance and cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of the systems has a major influence on the stability of the cooling lubricant and the service life. Oest offers operational planning and professional implementation of maintenance and cleaning measures for the entire cooling lubricant system - at fixed intervals or on call. Devices for simple basic maintenance, such as our Colo-Mix mixing device, measuring equipment and the Colo-Skim belt skimmer for removing tramp oil, round off the range.

  • Lubricoolant change, tank and machine cleaning
  • Checking and correcting fill levels 
  • Chip handling
Customized Fluidmanagement

At the customer's request, our Customized Fluid Management covers all activities relating to lubricants, including machine filling, inventory management, demand optimization, purchasing and handling of third-party products, right through to disposal - all from a single source. This avoids interface problems and minimizes response times. Employees are relieved and can concentrate on their core competencies - under optimum process conditions.

  • No own personnel costs   
  • Everything from a single source - without interfaces  
  • Reliable implementation and documentation
Training and support

Individual training and support on all aspects of lubricant use help to increase safety and efficiency in fluid management. Increased know-how and regular awareness-raising among employees reduce potential sources of error and minimize the vulnerability of the cooling lubricant system. On request, our team of specialists can also support preparations for certification audits.

  • On-site employee training
  • Events at the Oest training center
  • Preparation for certification audits