Lubricants for metal cutting

Modern fluids for modern cutting

Oest has been an expert developer and producer of metalworking fluids for decades. Constant innovation, incorporating the latest changes in technology, law and occupational health, is the foundation for a comprehensive, modern range of products.

Our range of products covers every metal cutting application. We supply universal products and innovative multi-functional fluids with many possible applications. We develop special products from extreme requirements and challenges that cannot be solved using conventional products.

Key product areas

Cutting Oils


  • Non-water miscible cutting oils 
  • Optimum working results for all operations with defined cutting edges: broad range of viscosity, minimised oil mist, for all materials 
Grinding and Honing Oils


  • Non-miscible grinding and honing oils
  • High cutting performance and process reliability when working with an undefined edge – from high-performance profiling to surface finishing
Cooling Lubricants


  • Water miscible cooling lubricant concentrates
  • Synthetic grinding solutions
  • Partially synthetic micro-emulsions
  • Emulsions for heavy-duty working
  • For all materials and applications 
  • The latest, future-proof formulations that comply with current and anticipated statutory requirements 
Spray Lubricants


  • Minimum-quantity spray lubricants 
  • Mineral oil-free special lubricants for all common spray systems
  • For all materials, with consumption volumes of up to 50 ml/hour


  • Mixing device for water-miscible coolants


  • Belt oil separator for removal of floating oils from the surface of watermixed coolants

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Lubricants for chipless metal forming

Efficient application solutions developed to customer requirements

Forming lubricants from Oest have been a permanent fixture in the industry for more than 50 years. Our team of specialists constantly works to solve complex real-world requirements, which is essential preparation for developing innovative products that can operate continuously under the tough conditions in the industry.

Oest products for forming not only come with lubricant performance for exceptional part quality and long tool service life, they also meet the requirements of the entire process chain from primary material to lubricant application and part cleaning – without compromise.

Key product areas

Lubricants for sheet metal forming

PLATINOL product line

  • Products with special approvals for body shells and technical components in the automotive industry.
  • Materials: DC, DX and high strength steel grades and aluminium
  • Evaporating punching and bending oils 
  • Low- to high-viscosity forming lubricants
  • Forming lubricants for stainless steel
  • Water miscible forming lubricants for use in transfer presses
Forming Lubricants for tubes and profiles

ROBINOL and VARIOL product lines

  • Lubricants for tube forming, bending, calibration, expanding and compressing
  • Tube drawing lubricants
  • Drawing oils and pastes for copper tubes
  • Lubricants for hydroforming processes and special lubricants for the forming process
  • Rolling oils and concentrates for section rolling, pilgering and fining tubes
  • Drawing lubricants for steel and copper profiles
  • Polishing and corrosion protection oils
  • Corrosion protection fluids for intermediate and final preservation 
Forming Lubricants for cold extrusion processes

VARIOL OFP product line

  • Lubricants for cold forming. 
  • High-performance products for forward, backward and transverse impact extrusion