Sustainability in the centre of interest

Not only the demand regarding quality, progress and the best possible customer‘s profit but also the sustainability is in the centre of our company philosophy. We understand thereunder the balance of ecological and economical responsibility, starting with the handling of resources up to a forward-looking product portfolio and the sustainable, strategic orientation of the company.

Examples therefor are the developments of especially environmentally friendly special fuels and modern bio-lubricants such as the investment in several wind power projects, for example in Dübrichen-Prießen, Haiger-Dillbrecht and Singen, for winning climate neutral, renewable energy.

Oest supports as a sustaining member also the initiative Green Mobility Future. The independent institute handles all the important future topics regarding mobility and focuses on the scientific monitoring and public relations to strengthen the general awareness for alternative fuels. The aspects of sustainability, e-fuels, bio-fuels, renewable energy and bio-economy are in the centre.

Our sense of responsibility for social and ecologic sustainability becomes especially apparent due to our membership in the initiative “United Nations Global Compact” founded by Kofi Anan, UN-Secretary General. The members of this association are obliged to adjust their operational and strategic actions to 10 firmly defined principles such as human rights, job norms, environmental protection and fight against corruption. For further information, please click on