AVIA Petrol Stations

Friendly and efficient service

All our fuels come from national production sites operated by leading refining companies. AVIA fuels regularly undergo strict quality testing by recognised laboratories. In addition to standard fuel types, such as AVIA Super E10, AVIA Super, AVIA Super Plus and AVIA Diesel Plus, we also supply a range of alternative fuels, such as LPG, natural gas and electricity.

Find out more about the AVIA brand at: www.avia.de


The fuel card for your company. 

The AVIA fuel card comes with a range of benefits for your company. You and your employees can fill up cash-free with monthly billing. Fuel is invoiced directly to your business account, making fleet management simpler and reducing the workload for your accounts department. The right fuel card for your specific needs. Our AVIA fuel cards always come with the right solution for your fleet and specific requirements.

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AVIA Station Finder

Use the AVIA station finder on the AVIA website to find out more about the facilities and services at more than 800 AVIA petrol stations in Germany.

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